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Are you ready for vampires to regain their standing in the genre? Are you ready for them to stop "sparkling" and take on a worthy opponent? Then wait no longer. This book will satisfy even the most "bloody thirsty" appetites with an added twist; one of the clans is able to release a very nasty bacteria into their respective hosts which after ninety days or so unleashes a very ghoulish end to the recipients. The Third Reich has Occupied Poland. The plan of "relocating" the population is well underway with one problem the Germans could have never imagined. They unknowingly are removing the food supply of the Romanov and Boirarsky vampire clans. Needless to say, they do not care for each other at all. Too much bad blood has been spilled over the past centuries. Will they be able to unite and take on the true enemy; the Third Reich, or will they perish as the food supply quickly diminishes? Get a copy today and find out if the Romanov and Boirarsky clans will succeed in uniting and dealing the Third Reich their first of many defeats.